Henry Geddes

Full-Stack Web Developer




I'm a Web and App developer living in Sydney, Australia.

I'm currently working for THE ICONIC, though my full employee history can be seen on my Linkedin

I mainly work in Javascript (Node/React) and PHP (Silverstripe/Laravel), but can work with pretty much any language or framework that you'd like. I do both frontend and backend development, and work nicely with HTML5 and CSS.

I've worked in Web Development/Software for 7 years, and have worked on various projects across multiple technologies and platforms with both companies and clients directly.

Some of these projects can be seen in my portfolio.

Boy genius, rock star, idiot savant... all well-thrashed cliches for a young, smart coder. Henry is one of those rare breeds who can manage it from both ends  -  front and back. And what makes him even rarer is his eye for detail and design. With a 473ml can of Red Bull and some Drum & Bass, there isn't a problem that Henry can't handle.

- Beans & Rice